Monday, August 8, 2011

The Breatheless Running Banchi With Rainbow Feet! :)

Today was so tiring! I went to Nana's and we put together a patio table, pulled weeds, watered te flowers, watered the trees, watered the lawn, and potted flowers. I had to stop because I couldn't miss Secret Life! I HATE Adrian! If Ricky goes for her, I'm gonna die. After that, I had to go to the fall sports meeting. :P I sat with Johnny for the introduction,  but then we had to part ways for different sports. I am so excited for volleyball that I am shaking in my shoes! Haha.(: Then I went home. I was thinking of how the first day of volleyball is going to SUCK because I am so outta shape. So I decided to go on a mile run. I put on my t-shirt, sweats, tye dye socks and tennis shoes. I grabbed my iPod and started. I started at a sprint for some God knows why reason. By the neighbors house, I was ready to die. But I kept going. :P I got a really bad side ache. It felt like the Incredible Hulk rammed is head into my stomach. It killed!! I ran. And ran. And ran. And ran, ran, ran. And guess what else I did? I RAN! I finally made it home. I went into the bathroom to take shower. Remember those tye dye socks I was wearing?

Yeah... my feet looked they got mauled by a leprechaun! They were dyed from my socks. It didn't come off in the shower. Whatever. It's cool I guess. I mean, who doesn't want rainbow feet?! Yeah; you didn't have answer so don;t be a hater.(: Well I am going to chill with my mother and watch HGTV. Whatta joy. :\
Forever & Always,
Jensen Kikole Kabob.(:

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