Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pooooool :/

Woke up super early to go into Cascade. I went straight to Nana's and watched tv. She lectured me for about half an hour about how I should eat breakfast because it's the most important meal of the day and it gets my metabolism going. She seemed pretty offended when I told her that I'm not hungry in the morning. Whatever. I watched the rest of last night's Secret Life then I took like a two hour nap.(: Woke up. Ate SpagghetiO's. Sat back down. Carter kept nagging me to take him to the pool so I did. It started thundering about an hour later so I took Carter back to Nana's and hung out with the lifeguards. We made beds out of towels n the office floor and basically just talked about life. It's always nice to have someone to talk to.(: The lifeguard have to wait a half hour after the last thunder they hear; we stayed pretty dang long. Once it stopped, we went outside an continued our conversations and made hemp bracelets. Haha.(: The Taits came and it was so much fun! Dinner break came and I had lasagna for din din. Went back to the pool and so did the Taits.(: So I basically stayed there all day til about 8:30. Then, I had to pick up Carter from VBS. When I walked in, they were dong the 'Bible Book Bop'... so wanted to leave ASAP. We went back to Nana's. Whiie he was showing her the 'Bible Book Bop', I watched Tia and Tamera. I'm pretty much obsessed after one episode!! Mom picked us up and we went home. Now I'm blogging. And now I hafta call John. Goodnight and sweet dreams! :)
Forever & Always,
Jensen Nicole.(:

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