Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sorry I didn't post last night! I got home really late after boot camp. I am so sore! It hurts going up my stairs. But I'm going back tonight. I have to so I don't die on Tuesday for my first day of volleyball. All this exercising is going to kill me. But I have to go cause my mom is gonna pick me up soon to go exercise. Wish me luck. :/
Forever & Always,
Jensen Kikole.<3

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pooooool :/

Woke up super early to go into Cascade. I went straight to Nana's and watched tv. She lectured me for about half an hour about how I should eat breakfast because it's the most important meal of the day and it gets my metabolism going. She seemed pretty offended when I told her that I'm not hungry in the morning. Whatever. I watched the rest of last night's Secret Life then I took like a two hour nap.(: Woke up. Ate SpagghetiO's. Sat back down. Carter kept nagging me to take him to the pool so I did. It started thundering about an hour later so I took Carter back to Nana's and hung out with the lifeguards. We made beds out of towels n the office floor and basically just talked about life. It's always nice to have someone to talk to.(: The lifeguard have to wait a half hour after the last thunder they hear; we stayed pretty dang long. Once it stopped, we went outside an continued our conversations and made hemp bracelets. Haha.(: The Taits came and it was so much fun! Dinner break came and I had lasagna for din din. Went back to the pool and so did the Taits.(: So I basically stayed there all day til about 8:30. Then, I had to pick up Carter from VBS. When I walked in, they were dong the 'Bible Book Bop'... so wanted to leave ASAP. We went back to Nana's. Whiie he was showing her the 'Bible Book Bop', I watched Tia and Tamera. I'm pretty much obsessed after one episode!! Mom picked us up and we went home. Now I'm blogging. And now I hafta call John. Goodnight and sweet dreams! :)
Forever & Always,
Jensen Nicole.(:

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Breatheless Running Banchi With Rainbow Feet! :)

Today was so tiring! I went to Nana's and we put together a patio table, pulled weeds, watered te flowers, watered the trees, watered the lawn, and potted flowers. I had to stop because I couldn't miss Secret Life! I HATE Adrian! If Ricky goes for her, I'm gonna die. After that, I had to go to the fall sports meeting. :P I sat with Johnny for the introduction,  but then we had to part ways for different sports. I am so excited for volleyball that I am shaking in my shoes! Haha.(: Then I went home. I was thinking of how the first day of volleyball is going to SUCK because I am so outta shape. So I decided to go on a mile run. I put on my t-shirt, sweats, tye dye socks and tennis shoes. I grabbed my iPod and started. I started at a sprint for some God knows why reason. By the neighbors house, I was ready to die. But I kept going. :P I got a really bad side ache. It felt like the Incredible Hulk rammed is head into my stomach. It killed!! I ran. And ran. And ran. And ran, ran, ran. And guess what else I did? I RAN! I finally made it home. I went into the bathroom to take shower. Remember those tye dye socks I was wearing?

Yeah... my feet looked they got mauled by a leprechaun! They were dyed from my socks. It didn't come off in the shower. Whatever. It's cool I guess. I mean, who doesn't want rainbow feet?! Yeah; you didn't have answer so don;t be a hater.(: Well I am going to chill with my mother and watch HGTV. Whatta joy. :\
Forever & Always,
Jensen Kikole Kabob.(:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Johnny Boy Swag!

I'm talking to Mister. John Cullen Pepos right now. He's my boyfrannn. Haha. :) We cannot find a thing to talk about! We are kinda a weird couple; we have burping contests, watch Disney movies, and make up funny words. But that's how we roll! He doesn't understand why girls keep track of how long they've been dating. I told him that it's important. But it isn't really a guy's job. The least they should know is when you got together! And Johnny didn't even know that! But he was close. July 10th and he guessed July 11th. Good enough for me! So techinally, we've been dating for 4 weeks today. And 22 hours. And 15 minutes. And 46 seconds. Now 47.(: I'm talking like a nasty love sick child so if you wanna ditch, I dont blame you. Because I am also going to ditch! Bed time! Goodnight and sweet dreams.(:
Forever & Always,


I took a new picta todayyy :) you like? haha(: It's been a verrryy long day. Mama resigned from her job today and she is officially done on Sept. 5th. It's a good thing, though. She's always wanted to be a stay at home mom. Johnny texted me 4 times and I didn't text back. He called and I told him I didn't get his texts. I'm a compulsive liahh! MUAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, I miss my beautiful cousin Victoria. :'( I need to go see her! Read her blog by dah wayy! :) *Hippos in the Sky* Carter got sick today. Pray that he is well tomorrow! Chicken for din din. Grandparents came out. That's pretty much m ay. Any comments? Than COMMENT! haha(:
Forever & Always,

First Time :)

Kay. So this is officially my first time blogging!! I feel that when I don't have anyone to talk to, I can just conveniantly type er' on up! And I have sucky handwriting there's another plus. :) Kay. Until tonight. :)
Forever & Always,
Jensen ♥