Sunday, August 7, 2011

Johnny Boy Swag!

I'm talking to Mister. John Cullen Pepos right now. He's my boyfrannn. Haha. :) We cannot find a thing to talk about! We are kinda a weird couple; we have burping contests, watch Disney movies, and make up funny words. But that's how we roll! He doesn't understand why girls keep track of how long they've been dating. I told him that it's important. But it isn't really a guy's job. The least they should know is when you got together! And Johnny didn't even know that! But he was close. July 10th and he guessed July 11th. Good enough for me! So techinally, we've been dating for 4 weeks today. And 22 hours. And 15 minutes. And 46 seconds. Now 47.(: I'm talking like a nasty love sick child so if you wanna ditch, I dont blame you. Because I am also going to ditch! Bed time! Goodnight and sweet dreams.(:
Forever & Always,

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